Readers ask: Which Episode Did Stephanie Start Kindergarten In On Full House?

What episode of Full House does Stephanie start high school?

Back to School Blues is episode two of season three on Full House. It originally aired on September 29, 1989.

What episode in Full House does Michelle go to kindergarten?

Michelle and Teddy scheme to couple Danny with their kindergarten teacher.

What episode of Full House does Stephanie?

Stephanie Gets Framed is episode sixteen of season four of Full House. It originally aired on January 25, 1991.

What grade is Stephanie in season 7?

In this season, Michelle turns seven years old and starts the second grade, Stephanie turns eleven and starts as a sixth grader in junior high school, and D.J.

Did Stephanie smoke?

No, Stephanie Tanner never actually smokes on ‘Full House’ Stephanie decided to call in as a girl named Olga and explained the whole situation. DJ, Jesse, and Joey talked her out of smoking, and thankfully, her father was listening in and said the same thing.

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Did GIA actually smoke in Full House?

different charities. Yet, once Gia came back to the Tanner household, she proved that she hadn’t changed all that much since her Full House days. Yes, Gia still smokes, if that’s what you were wondering.

What episode does Becky tells Jesse she’s pregnant?

Rock the Cradle. Becky discovers that she is pregnant, but has trouble breaking the news to Jesse.

What is the best Full House episode?


  • Season 2, Episode 22 “Luck Be A Lady: Part 2”
  • Season 3, Episode 7 “And They Call It Puppy Love”
  • Season 7, Episode 17 “The Last Dance”
  • Season 7, Episode 18 “Kissing Cousins”
  • Season 5, Episode 7 “The Volunteer”
  • Season 5, Episode 10 “Happy Birthday, Babies: Part 2”

Is Uncle Jesse really singing?

At a party at the Tanner household, they make Uncle Jesse, aka John Stamos, actually sing “Forever” and it’s pretty much everything about Full House wrapped up into two delicious minutes. Here’s the thing though: it doesn’t look like John Stamos actually ever really sings the song.

Which episode does Stephanie meet Gia?

In “Stephanie’s Wild Ride”, she and Stephanie meet two boys at the mall, and the boys take them out for a drive. When Stephanie is invited for another drive, D.J. stops her from going. Later Stephanie finds out that Gia got into a car accident, along with the two boys.

What episode does Becky help DJ with her period?

Becky enjoys bonding with her new niece DJ, but Becky must learn to be a disciplinarian when DJ takes advantage of her.

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What is Stephanie Tanner’s real name?

Jodie Sweetin was born on January 19, 1982, in Los Angeles, California. After booking several national commercials, she was cast in a guest spot on the series Valerie. At age 5, she debuted as Full House’s Stephanie Tanner, the middle sister of three.

Who does Stephanie Tanner marry?

Stephanie and Jimmy get married in the series finale in a triple wedding with D.J. and Steve, Kimmy and Fernando. The day after the wedding Stephanie reveals to D.J. and Kimmy that she is pregnant.

What did Stephanie Tanner always say?

Yep, per Jodie Sweetin’s new chat with ET Online, Steph’s “the same” and has “still got her jabbing wit” on tap, even as a full-fledged grown up (who, womp womp, has to move in with her big sister). So, yes, she will indeed say ” How rude! ” again. “Stephanie has not lost her catchphrase.”

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