FAQ: How To Start Buggs Mission Kindergarten?

How do you do MS Applegate’s mission kindergarten?

Applegate is one of the characters in Kindergarten. She is one of the characters who you can do missions for; your mission for her is to eliminate all students and get 6 gold stars in the process, at which point she will give you a Lunch Pass that you can use to have lunch with her. Ms.

How do you get rid of Buggs in kindergarten?

While you’re talking to Buggs, pick the conversation options that rile him up the most, like the subject of his father. This will get you get beaten up by Buggs. Before you die, be sure to call the Teacher over. With that out of the way, it’s important that you don’t turn against any other students.

How do you do the Buggs in kindergarten 2?

The things you need to complete to start this mission are as follows:

  1. Talk to Carla about smuggling in Contraband to get the Firecracker.
  2. Talk to Penny and she will confiscate the Firecracker from you.
  3. Next speak to Buggs to have him join up with you.
  4. Return to Penny and befriend her to get the Friendship Bracelet.
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What is the janitor’s name in kindergarten?

Bob is the “Nice Janitor” in Kindergarten 2. The Janitor from the first game despises Bob and gives the Protagonist a quest to kill him.

How can I get 20 dollars in kindergarten?

Put gum in Lily’s hair and talk to Cindy. She will give you three bucks. Sell all five of your apples and proceed to show-and-tell. If you’re doing things right so far, you’ll have exactly $20.00 and the lunch pass.

Will there be a kindergarten 3 game?

Kindergarten 3 ( Not Confirmed )

How do you get your phone in kindergarten?

The Teacher’s Phone can be obtained by completing Buggs’s quest and is one of three items required to start Lily’s quest.

What happened to Billy in kindergarten?

Billy is Lily’s brother who was supposedly expelled and never seen again. It is eventually revealed that he was kidnapped by the principal for walking in on the janitor disposing of one of the creatures’ bodies. He was then placed in a container where experiments were conducted on him.

How do you do Nuggets in Mission 2 kindergarten?

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Speak to Nugget to learn he wants Nuggets.
  2. Buy a Burger from the Lunch Lady then show the Prestigious Pin to Felix to get him to buy the other Burger.
  3. Go behind the counter and grab the Nuggets off the shelf and give them to Nugget.
  4. Go into Teacher’s Lounge and microwave Nuggets.

How do guys get long arms in kindergarten?

Man With Long Arm During Jerome’s storyline, instead of going into the Janitor’s closet, go into the bathroom and speak to him. Keep asking him about the bloody bags until the option to question the rules comes up – he will then offer for the Lunch Lady to sell you chocolate for a nickel.

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Who is nugget from kindergarten?

Game Information Nugget is a main character. He does not directly interact too much with Cindy, but has knowledge of her boyfriend-obsessed personality and accepts Cindy’s Flower as an offering of friendship from the protagonist.

How do you get Doom jelly in kindergarten?

Cindy will give you Doom Jelly if you put gum in Lily’s hair and get back to her during lunch.

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